Emerging as a formidable weapon in Kali Linux's toolbox, Fluxion focuses on taking advantage of flaws in Wi-Fi security standards.

Fluxion emerges as a potent tool in the arsenal of Kali Linux, specializing in exploiting weaknesses in Wi-Fi security protocols.


  • Fluxion excels in executing Evil Twin attacks, creating a rogue Wi-Fi access point to deceive users into connecting. This technique enables the interception of sensitive information and credentials.
  • The tool is adept at targeting WPA and WPA2-secured networks, employing various methods to crack passwords and gain unauthorized access. Fluxion automates the process, streamlining the extraction of Wi-Fi credentials.
  • Fluxion incorporates social engineering elements into its attacks, presenting users with seemingly legitimate login interfaces. This manipulative approach enhances the effectiveness of phishing and credential harvesting.
  • Users can tailor Fluxion to suit specific scenarios and environments. Customization options include the ability to choose the language of the fake portal, define attack vectors, and adapt to the target's behavior.
  • Fluxion provides real-time monitoring of the attack progress, allowing users to track authentication attempts and capture credentials as they unfold. This feature facilitates immediate response and analysis.


Clone the Fluxion repository from GitHub using the command:


Navigate to the Fluxion directory:



Launch Fluxion by executing the following command in the terminal:



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