A specialised tool called THC-SSL-DoS is used to evaluate the security and performance of SSL/TLS services. The Hacker's Choice (THC) created it, and its main objective is to overwhelm servers with a large number of specially constructed SSL/TLS handshakes in order to attack weaknesses in SSL/TLS implementations.

THC-SSL-DoS is a specialized tool designed for testing the performance and security of SSL/TLS services. Developed by The Hacker's Choice (THC), it focuses on exploiting vulnerabilities in SSL/TLS implementations by overwhelming servers with a high volume of specially crafted SSL/TLS handshakes.


  1. THC-SSL-DoS performs SSL/TLS exhaustion attacks by exploiting vulnerabilities in the handshake process, causing targeted servers to become unresponsive or slow.
  2. The tool aims to starve the server of resources by initiating numerous SSL/TLS handshakes, consuming server resources such as CPU and memory, and leading to a denial-of-service (DoS) condition.
  3. THC-SSL-DoS is multithreaded, allowing it to launch a high volume of SSL/TLS handshake requests simultaneously, intensifying the impact on the target server.
  4. It supports various SSL/TLS protocols and versions, enabling testers to assess the resilience of servers to attacks across different cryptographic protocols.
  5. Users can customize attack parameters, including the target host, port, and the number of concurrent connections, providing flexibility in tailoring the attack scenario.


Installing THC-SSL-DoS on Kali Linux is simplified through the package manager. Open a terminal and follow these steps:



Launch a Simple Attack:



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