John the Ripper

A popular open-source password cracking programme is called John the Ripper, or just known as John. Its purpose is to find weak passwords by using different attack techniques.

John the Ripper, often abbreviated as John, is a widely used open-source password cracking tool. It is designed to identify weak passwords through various attack methods.


  • John the Ripper supports various password cracking techniques, including dictionary attacks, brute-force attacks, and hybrid attacks. This flexibility allows security professionals to adapt their approach based on the characteristics of the target system.
  • John the Ripper can crack password hashes using a variety of algorithms, such as DES, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, and more. It supports both traditional Unix crypt(3) and modern hash formats, making it versatile in handling different hashing methods.
  • John the Ripper is optimized for performance, supporting multi-threading and parallel processing. This allows it to efficiently utilize modern hardware, significantly speeding up the password-cracking process.
  • Users can employ custom wordlists or rules to enhance the effectiveness of dictionary attacks. Rules allow for the generation of password variations, such as adding numbers or special characters, to increase the chances of success.
  • John the Ripper has an active community, and users often contribute additional password cracking modules, rules, and improvements. This collaborative environment keeps the tool up-to-date and adaptable to evolving security challenges.
  • John the Ripper can be used for both offline and online password cracking. It supports various modes, including pre-computed hash cracking (offline) and direct password guessing (online).


To install John the Ripper on Kali Linux, follow these step:



Using a Wordlist:


Using Brute Force:



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