In the field of wireless network security, Kismet is a powerful tool that enables cybersecurity experts and ethical hackers to evaluate and strengthen the security of wireless infrastructures.

Kismet stands as a formidable tool in the realm of wireless network security, empowering cybersecurity professionals and ethical hackers to assess and fortify the integrity of wireless infrastructures.


  • Kismet excels in both passive and active scanning, allowing users to comprehensively survey the wireless spectrum. Its passive mode captures and analyzes packets from wireless networks without direct interaction, while the active mode involves sending probes to discover and assess available networks actively.
  • The tool is proficient in packet sniffing, capturing data packets from wireless networks. Additionally, Kismet excels in decoding various wireless protocols, providing insight into the communication within networks.
  • Kismet supports a range of capture sources, including Wi-Fi cards, Bluetooth devices, and other software-defined radios. This versatility ensures that users can adapt the tool to diverse scenarios and environments.
  • The logging and reporting capabilities of Kismet facilitate the creation of detailed records of network activity. This feature is crucial for later analysis, aiding in the identification of patterns and potential vulnerabilities.
  • Kismet employs a client/server architecture, enabling users to run the server on a remote machine while interacting with the interface on a local system. This flexibility enhances scalability and facilitates the monitoring of large-scale wireless environments.


Install Kismet using the following command:



Launch Kismet by executing the command:



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