A potent digital forensics tool for timeline analysis is Plaso, sometimes called log2timeline. It is particularly good at making super-timelines, which provide investigators a chronological rundown of everything that has happened on a system.

Plaso, also known as log2timeline, is a powerful digital forensics tool designed for timeline analysis. It excels in creating super-timelines, providing investigators with a chronological overview of activities on a system.


  • Plaso excels at creating super-timelines by aggregating and correlating timestamped events from various sources. This allows investigators to reconstruct a comprehensive timeline of activities on a system.
  • Plaso supports a wide range of log and event formats, including those from Windows, Linux, macOS, and more. This versatility ensures that investigators can analyze diverse sources of data.
  • Plaso's modular plugin architecture allows the tool to parse and interpret various log formats. This extensibility makes it adaptable to new log sources and forensic scenarios.
  • Plaso normalizes timestamps from different sources, enabling investigators to correlate events accurately across the entire timeline. This is crucial for reconstructing sequences of actions during an incident.
  • Plaso outputs its results in SQLite database format, making it easy to query and analyze the timeline data using SQL queries. This format facilitates efficient and structured data examination.
  • Plaso can be integrated into other forensic tools and workflows, allowing investigators to combine its timeline analysis capabilities with other specialized tools for a more holistic approach.


Installing Plaso on Kali Linux involves a few straightforward steps. Here's a guide to installing Plaso:



Use the script to create a Plaso storage file from the target data source. Specify the desired output format (SQLite, JSON, etc.) and the name of the output file.


Open the generated Plaso storage file using a tool like pinfo to interactively explore and analyze the timeline data.


Utilize Plaso's reporting capabilities to generate detailed reports based on the timeline data. This can include information on user activities, file accesses, and other relevant events.



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