With Kali Linux in mind, Wifite is a potent and adaptable wireless auditing tool. Its features simplify the process of locating and evaluating vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi networks, meeting the demands of security experts and penetration testers.

Wifite is a powerful and versatile wireless auditing tool specifically designed for Kali Linux. Its features cater to the needs of penetration testers and security professionals, offering a streamlined approach to identifying and assessing vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi networks.


  • Wifite excels in automating the process of wireless security testing by conducting a series of predefined attacks in a sequential manner. This includes capturing handshakes, deauthenticating clients, and attempting to crack passwords.
  • The tool focuses on capturing WPA/WPA2 handshakes, essential for offline password cracking attempts. This makes Wifite particularly effective in assessing the security of encrypted Wi-Fi networks.
  • Wifite supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, allowing users to audit Wi-Fi networks operating on different frequencies. This dual-band support enhances its versatility in handling a wide range of wireless environments.
  • Despite its automated nature, Wifite provides customization options for users who prefer fine-tuning their wireless audits. Users can specify target networks, choose specific attack methods, and define other parameters through command-line options.
  • Wifite intelligently selects attack methods based on the target network's security configuration. This adaptive approach ensures that the tool optimally utilizes available attack vectors for maximum efficiency.


Install Wifite with the following command:



Launch Wifite by typing the following command in the terminal:



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